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To our suppliers

On Kobia, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our suppliers. Relationships that is stimulating and beneficial for both you, Kobia and for our mutual customers.

On Kobia, we put great effort into developing new products, concepts and solutions. And we do it because we must enhance our offerings and continue to be the best and most attractive supplier to our - and your - customers.

We are doing the best job when we collaborate with partners and suppliers. We put together project teams, we gather expertise and experience and the result is innovative products that get attention in the market.

Do you want to showcase you and your range for our customers?

No problem - you can participate in client meetings and workshops that we organize, and want you to be extra much you can book a place in our campaign flyer "Temptations", which is published four times a year.

Interested? Contact us and we'll see you over a cup of coffee and talk collaboration!