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So much more than just flour and marzipan

Our goal is to strengthen your competitiveness and your brand. We do this with both high quality products and extraordinary service.

Kobia Academy - courses for professionals

On Kobia Academy, we invite our customers to classes and workshops. Our lecturers are either experienced professionals with their own bakeries or pastry shops, invited partners with new concepts or our own product developers who picked up needs and wishes from our customers. The courses cover topics as inspiration, techniques and recipes and also finance, sales and exposure.

Promotional material

We are able to provide our customers with specific marketing materials for the products we market. 

Kobias salesmen - a more personal service

Kobias sellers more familiar with bakeries than offices. Many are trained bakers, all have extensive knowledge of the industry, everyone can understand and your business. That means you can discuss concepts, campaigns and catalog issues directly with the seller, who in turn are supported by inside sales and product specialists. For maximum accessibility, we have both receiving orders during office hours and an online shop where you can place orders around the clock. What a contact route you choose, you can be sure of fast and efficient service and safe delivery.

Recipe Service - no more handwritten recipes

Kobia Recipe Service gives you easy control of all your recipes. Recipe Service calculates nutritional values​​, tables of contents and handles price estimates. You will receive reminders if any ingredient changes and last but not least, access to a large library of Kobias best recipes. 

Product developers 

Our knowledge is something that we would like to share with you. In addition to courses on Kobia Academy, we can help you on the spot with our product developers, to start up new and exciting projects. Together we fine-tune recipes and concepts so that everything fits your business.