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A handpicked assortment

We develop our product range constantly to meet a demanding and exciting market.

We have over 90 years experience as a wholesaler of bakery and confectionery market and has over the years become one of the leading in the field. We provide you with both pure raw materials and finished products made by ourselves or from carefully selected partners. Our range consists of over 4000 products.

Tailored solutions is also something we are really good at. Our marzipan factory in Tyresö produces marzipan, almond paste and pastry fillings all year round. With years of experience in commodities and its physical properties and behaviors, we can provide you with a consistent quality that is tailored to your needs.

Of course we also have much more to offer in the commodity markets. With our group Abdon Finax, we have the skills and contacts necessary to meet both your requirements and creativity.